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Termite Control Adelaide

Termite Control Adelaide

Professional And Trusted Team For Variety Of Termite Treatments In Adelaide

At Adelaide Termite Control, we provide the best solutions for termite problems in Adelaide for both commercial and residential buildings. Whether you have a home or office that needs immediate termite control, call us as soon as possible. Our professional team of termite control Adelaide experts can inspect, detect and treat pests effectively. It is crucial to pay close attention to termites in Adelaide, as your ignorance of any termite sign can result in massive damage.

Our company is a reputable name for termite inspections and control services. We offer comprehensive inspections by following Australian standards. Our expert and certified termite controllers carry out inspections and controls for termites in Adelaide with full sincerity. Call us today & get avail of the “best in the pest control Business” termite control in Adelaide. Also, we have a complete range of termite prevention and detection services. Get your hands on our low termite treatment cost, and book an appointment today at (+61) 875 628 485.

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What are the Termite barriers we install against termites?

Since termites cause serious destruction to your structures. Irrespective of what type of property it is, you must call us to set termite barriers. We understand white ants and termites are known as the most damaging pests in Adelaide and this is why we are here to help you with the three best working barriers. Apart from termite treatments, you can also book us for:

Physical barrier

In our physical termite protection barrier, we set a moisture barrier around the boundaries of your home and in perimeters of pipe penetrations. It will block the entrance of nasty termites to your house. Moreover, the physical barrier mainly consists of large sheets that are set under the slabs of your home or around the property.

Chemical barrier

We make use of safe chemical barriers to safeguard your property against termites. In this type of barrier, we lay chemically treated pesticides on the surrounding of your structure or building. The chemicals that we use leads to the prevention of termites from breaching into your property. So, if you want such termite protection for your Adelaide property, call us right away!

Timber protection barrier

To protect your timber floors, walls and other structures, we offer detailed termite dry wood protection barriers. In this, we treat your timber items with chemicals that restrict termites from invading them. Although, we still recommend you keep your treated timber logs away from boundaries. As termites may use it for entering routes to your indoors. Feel free to contact us for affordable and safe timber protection barriers for termites.

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Six Steps Process To Stop Termites At Your Property

The inspection

Termites are pests that are really hard to detect. So, we provide a termite pest inspection to locate all possible nestings of termites at your place. Moreover, we also search for damages done by termites to offer protection. Additionally, our termite detection experts do this by following the latest tools.

Installation of an above-ground station

On setting an above-ground station to avoid termites, your property can get better and termite-free in less time. Therefore, our next step is to offer a series of above-ground stations that act as physical barriers against termites. Please note- we only install these stations post full analysis of your property only.

Installation of termite monitoring stations

The next step is to set up monitoring stations for precautionary measures. Placing monitoring stations greatly assists in preventing timber and dry wood items from getting termite attacks. If you are wondering where we set up these monitor units, well we place them at least 10 feet away from your place. Termite monitors greatly help in giving the best termite pest controls.

Timely station monitoring and rebaiting

Post setting up of termite monitoring stations, we keep a close eye on them. We also offer baiting and re-baiting for termites, wherever required. This moreover is an effective way to provide great termite protection. Therefore, we make sure to monitor these termite stations and provide re-baiting for them accordingly.

Confirmation of termite colony elimination

The second last step of our complete termite elimination is confirmation. We ensure there are no termites present in your Adelaide property. We re-inspect your place for termites and leave you with a termite-free, hygienic and damage-free home.

Regular routine station monitoring

Lastly, as we finish off the process by confirmation of zero termites, we give you an offer of regular routine station monitoring. Although you can do it on your own. But, we still recommend availing our long-term inspection facilities, where we send one of our termite control Adelaide team to monitor your place on a regular basis.

We Are Your One-Stop Solution for Termite Controls In Adelaide and nearby regions

Termite Control Adelaide has a range of fully-qualified termite exterminators who performs in-depth inspections and controls for termite pests. From spraying for termites to white ant treatments we are perfect at all. Whether you need termite and pest control in or around Adelaide, you can call us. We aim to offer termite-free residences to as many clients as possible. Hence, we are active to take service bookings from- Adelaide, Henley Beach, Glenelg North and South, Brighton, Kensington, etc.

Why Must You Call Us For Termite Control Adelaide Services?

Our termite control Adelaide team helps you to remove termites and the risks they may pose to your property and health. In our years of service, we have become the foremost choice of Adelaide people. Check out why:

  • Timely Service: We are a team of punctual termite controllers in Adelaide.
  • Licensed: You will get termite treatments by insured, licensed and certified termite controllers.
  • Professional and friendly: our termite treatments are offered by friendly and professional staff.
  • Tailored Solutions: Based on your needs, we can customise a termite treatment too.
  • Same Day Termite Control: We are always open to deliver same day services.
  • Emergency Termite Controls: You can count on us for effective treatments in cases of emergencies too.
  • Effective Pre-buy termite inspections: We extend help to clients who are willing to invest in Adelaide properties too.
  • Affordable Treatments: Our company offers the best termite protection and controls at economical prices.

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